Unravelled mind Rishab Maya MJ Vishal Helly thriller SS Part 6 – Latest Updates

 Dedicated to Jiya who requested me to show the picture of the man who helps Maya in her revenge.

Maya met the person who supports her.

He:Glad that you escaped from that crazy old man at the pub.I am relieved that you are safe.

Maya:You are so caring.

He:After all you are my Rudra chachu’s daughter.So I will care for my sister.MJ killed my chachu.So it’s a personal revenge.

Maya:Yes.He is crazy about me like he was crazy about my mom.He killed my dad and destroyed my mother.I have to take personal revenge on him.

He:It’s not only personal revenge for me.As you know,there is one more thing Maya.Rudra chachu had collected proof to expose MJ’s illegal business.Since I am a police officer,I have to expose MJ to the world.I got some proof against him.But his main dirty business secret is still unknown to me.I could’nt reach there.But you have to collect it.You can do it by getting closer to MJ.

Maya:That’s why I am pretending to be so close to MJ.I will extract his top illegal business secret from him.It will be a honey trap for him.After that I will reveal to MJ who I am.

He:I will also reveal my identity to MJ and shock him.

They smirked.

He was none other than Kabir.

Maya:Kabir,does Ruchika know that you are an undercover cop who is working in MJ’s company to expose his dark secret to the world?

Kabir:Yes.I have told her as I can’t hide anything from my life partner Ruchika.She is keeping it as a secret.But Rishab and Luthras do not know it.I feel guilty to hide it from them.But I am helpless.

Maya:Don’t worry.After our mission gets over,they will be proud of their son in law.

Kabir:I hope so.But I feel bad about Rishab.He does’nt even know that we are cousins and we already knew each other before.

Maya:I also feel bad.But it’s for a good purpose.

Kabir:Did Rishab get any clue that you are a psychiatrist and you are playing mind game with MJ?

Maya:Not at all.




Rishab stood before the mirror and combed his hair.On the mirror he saw Maya near him.

Rishab’s face blossomed seeing Maya’s reflection on the mirror with him.

(Thanks to my friend Rehana Siraj for this lovely edit)

Rishab:Maya,you have come to me?

Maya blushed.

Maya:Yes,I have come to you Rishab.I thought a lot.Then I realized that I also need you with me in my journey of life.

Maya held his hand.

Maya:Will you add me to your life Rishab?

Rishab smiled.

Rishab:I was already ready for that Maya.I just needed your consent.

Maya:I have given you consent Rishab.

They smiled at each other sharing a sweet eye lock.

Rishab extended his hand to touch her face.Suddenly she vanished.

Rishab turned around with a shock.


He realized that Maya was an imagination.He became dull.

Rishab:I am a fool to think that Maya will come here for me when Maya herself is not ready for any relationship with me.

He was upset.





Mrityunjay held Maya’s hand and said:My feelings for you are uncovered.I am really serious about you.Will you marry me?

Maya felt disgusted.

She thought:This old man wants to marry a girl of his daughter’s age.If he had a daughter,she would have been of my age.

Maya smiled artificially.

Maya:Can anyone say ‘no’ to you Sir?

He smiled happily.

Mrityunjay remembered Manvi rejecting him.





Flash back…

MJ:Manvi,leave Rudra and come to me.I can make you more happier than Rudra.

Manvi:Are you not ashamed of talking like this MJ?I am married to Rudra.Still you are after me?Get out.




Mrityunjay said in his mind:Even though you rejected me,I got Maya who has your face Manvi.She loves me unlike you.

Mrityunjay embraced Maya.Maya felt suffocated in his arms.

Mrityunjay stood closer to Maya staring at her passionately.He could feel the fragrance of her hair.

MJ:Your hair fragrance is killing me Maya.

Maya felt disgusted.But she  looked at him with fake shyness and walked away from him to escape from his dirty eyes.



Mrityunjay took Maya to his house.

MJ:Welcome to our home Maya.

Maya became dull.

Mrityunjay removed her overcoat and caressed her arm sensually.Maya felt discomfort.

MJ:This is not a pub.Only you and me are here.

Maya got nervous realizing his intention.

Maya smiled suppressing her discomfort and pushed him away shyly.He smiled.

She walked away and poured wine into the glass.She spiked the wine without his knowledge and took the glass in her hand.

She moved the glass towards his lips in a seductive way.He started sipping it and fell unconscous.She smirked.

She did hypnotism and made him spill out all his dirty business secrets and crimes he did including Rudra’s murder.She recorded everything with a smirk on her face.




The next morning when Mrityunjay woke up,he could not find Maya anywhere.

MJ:Where is Maya?

He remembered drinking wine.

MJ:After that what happened?I can’t remember anything.How did I sleep?Since I slept off,Maya must have left.

Mrityunjay tried calling Maya.But she did not attend the call.

MJ:Why Maya is not picking up the call?

He switched on the TV to get rid of the irritation.He was shocked to see a person on the TV.

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